6 Steps to Glowing Skincare + Kylie Jenner’s Favorite Lip Scrub!

Spring is officially here and that means it’s time to finally say adios to rough, winter skin and hello to a sunny, refreshed glow!

{1}•If I’m being honest, I discovered Mizzi Lip Luxe Scrub because of…Kylie Jenner…she boasted that this was one of her top lip products. She uses the best makeup on the market, and this is one product I had never heard of before. It can feel sometimes as though they tout the same contouring kits, detox teas and makeup over and over and over. I get so excited when a brand new and authentic (key word here) product is actually talked about and includes pure ingredients:

This exfoliates, plumps, moisturizes and preps similar to that of Lush’s lip scrubs but the texture is a total game changer. I found the Lush scrub to be a little too rough/super grainy and dried out quickly. Mizzi Scrub is the texture of whipped frosting. It goes on like butter and gently exfoliates with pure sugar. The essential oils leave a fresh lemon sugar cookie batter taste and subtle scent. I’ve been using this every single morning and night – sometimes more often than that!

{2}• Bel Mondo mentioned to me “It sounds crazy, but so many people have a hard time finding 15 minutes to relax these days!” can we get a round of applause for this statement?! I’ve tried a few mask treatments, but the one from Bel Mondo is my favorite due to the way it adheres and delivers the ingredients. They also make other varieties to suit your skin type and these amazing eye masks:

 It includes plant extracts and essential brightening ingredients. They are made of cellulose not cotton, adhering to skin better. This removed any dullness from my skin and made me look less tired. After using for 20 mins, my skin was smoother and hydrated leaving an overall glow. You don’t wash the ingredients off after using the mask and any residue left in the container can be saved to moisturize the next day. I do regret that I used these up so quickly because it’s my newest way to unwind and feel like I stepped out of a spa. And…it forces me to take a minimum of 15 minutes out of the day to actually relax.

{3}• Exfoliation is the best way to get smooth skin and I’m loving Tree Hut’s Marula & Jasmine Sugar Scrub. Tree Hut really does make the best scrubs and body butters. Unfortunately, I tried a few brands of sugar scrubs I chose not to review because the grains were too coarse and they dried out super quick. All of the Tree Hut products use organic shea butter and are made right here in the USA. Other scents like almond/honey, fig, lime, kiwi, mocha and guava are on my skincare bucket list to try out this summer! Their scrubs are essential for a spa day at home.

{4}• Glowbiotics moisturizer is a cream-to-oil treatment with a subtle, glowy tint. Used as a primer under makeup, it provides a luminous appearance. My favorite (and daily) use for it is mixed with a liquid foundation. Especially if I have a foundation that’s too dry of a formula, I mix it with this on a beauty blender and it creates a dewy appearance. The reflective mineral complex lasts all day and mixes well with all foundations. Probiotics help to reduce the appearance of dull, aging skin. 

{5}• Skin Inc’s Get Glowing is a blend of. I’ve been using this both morning and night and have noticed it plumped up my skin and decreased wrinkles. The serum is my favorite product in the package, it pops a combo of Vitamin A, chlorella and hyalauronic acid to improve skintone, reduce undereye circles and create an overall glow. After using this for three days, I really started to notice a difference. It never leaves my skin shiny, always a matte finish but super hydrating. The mask and peel in the set help to exfoliate problem areas. 

{6}• Nuxe Huile Oil combines 30% plants and Vitamin C and can be used on hair, face and body. The scent is subtle and clean and an overall great replacement for your current moisturizer. My favorite way to use it?! A makeup remover. Get a hot towel or bowl of steaming water and sit under it for about 30 seconds, massage the oil in and sit for another 30 seconds. Wipe the oil off and than do a mask or the Skin Inc products. This removes all of your makeup and your skin will absolutely. glow. A little bit goes a long way so this product will last you for quite awhile!


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