Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs


You’ll Need:
Ground Turkey, 1lb
Garlic, 1tsp crushed
Italian Seasoning Blend, 1tsp
Panko Bread Crumbs, 1C
1 egg, whisked
1/4C fresh ricotta cheese
Fresh buffalo mozzarella, about 1C cut into tiny itty bitty cubes
Marinara Sauce (make your own with San Marzano tomatoes)
Spaghetti for serving (I use organic while wheat)
Parsley for garnish
Olive oil, for sautéing

*I never add Parmesan cheese to meatballs (makes them dry, don’t need the extra salt) I go for ricotta instead to keep a good texture and add flavor.

Make It:
Place the marinara to heat on a low simmer. Combine the ground turkey, seasonings, ricotta, egg and panko, mix but don’t over-mix. Use a cookie spoon to create even scoop sizes (very important so they cook evenly). Take a small mozzarella piece (smaller is better) fold it into the meatball. Roll right. When you’re nearly done rolling, start to heat your olive oil on medium high.

Place the meatballs into the pan and sear on both sides. Once cooked, add to the marinara to simmer. Serve on top of spaghetti with loads of fresh parsley. Enjoy 😍🍴xoxo



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