Teas that boost Immunity and promote Relaxation

I’ve been replacing dessert or my typical mid-day sugar binges with tea. I’m not a fan of the cheesy paid detox teas flooding every social media outlet that exists (who are they kidding at this point). I like real, good quality stuff that also has some benefits attached to it. I prefer looseleaf teas because they pack a bolder, satisfying flavor. Traditional bagged tea is basically chopped so finely it turns into dust. Looseleaf is fresher and whole. 

 FIREBERRY from Tiesta Tea is my current obsession. It reminds me of this similar cherry berry one sold in stores but is of a much higher quality. I’ve been craving this every day and drink it paired with 1T of wildflower honey (great for allergies). Hibiscus lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, prevents colds, reduces anxiety and promotes weight loss. Elderberries are kind of the “new pomegranate” boosting the immune system. Elderberry syrup is super expensive so this tea is a great lower cost alternative with the same impact. The rose is very subtle and the bold cranberry/blackberry infusion is the reason I can’t get enough of this tea. I love gummy bears, Dots, jelly beans, fruit roll-ups aka everything with a minimum sugar count of 50g/serving. Instead of eating the above corn syrup and colored dye treats, I replace it with this tea. 

The RELAXER tea smells like an oatmeal cookie. It’s seriously tempting enough to want to eat on its own! When brewed, it smells like you just baked cookies! I was surprised that instead of turning the color I expected (typical muddy brown tea) it turned a bright pop of pink. It really doesn’t need honey since the Apple makes it sweet enough on its own. Do you like Teavana’s caramel almond but not the high price?! Get this. The first taste is crisp apple, a subtle hint of almond and a juicy caramel apple aftertaste. There are so many flavor notes, it’s like analyzing a wine. This makes a delicious tea latte. Comforting and peaceful when you need to unwind. Stressed out and reaching for cake? Grab this instead!


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