Healthy “on the go” Snack Ideas

I’ve seen Graze for awhile and finally decided to give it a try. It’s a weekly subscription service for $11.99 that includes 8 healthy snacks. I’m not a big granola bar or trail mix person AT ALL. For that reason, I wasn’t really interested in trying it out at first. It ended up being the opposite of what I expected. I really loved it! Of course, I did receive a complimentary product to sample and I debated signing up because it was so delicious but $33/month+ for just snacks I’m trying to cut out extra small spending on silly stuff. It’s definitely tempting though, everything was unique and filling. My favorite items are the blonde, forest fruits and mango coconut mix (omg the mango topping was so good!!) I love that you can throw these in your purse and avoid being starving/splurging on a huge heavy meal. It’s important to have little snacks every two hours so you’re never ravenous. 

What I appreciate the most of that each flavor is something you can not find in stores (much to my dismay). The hot pepper jam and multigrain crackers satisfied cravings for spicy and salty food. It’s really hard to find pre-packaged snacks that are good on the go. These are a little pricier – mostly BC I’m already grocery or snack shopping throughout the week since I love it. But for those who lack the time or patience of shopping in the store, the cost would most likely be a non factor. 

Omg, I had a huge box of these and within a week they’re already gone. That’s It Fruit bars are a staple in my house, desk, purse and gym bag! I love all of the flavor combos (cherry apple is my #1), the texture, the price point and the benefits:

•Low in calories

•Rich in dietary fiber

•No fat or cholesterol

•Vitamin A & Vitamin C

•Minerals: Potassium, Iron, Zinc, Calcium and Manganese

Brussel Bytes are vegan and raw and a much better alternative to salty chips and pretzels. In addition to brussel sprouts their simple ingredients include raw cashews*, raw pumpkin seeds*, kale*, tamari*, coconut nectar*, carrots*, cilantro*, onion*, garlic*, apple cider vinegar*, cumin*, chipotle* and himalayan crystal salt. They’re super crunchy and delicious!

Goodbites are healthier desserts with zero hidden junk. They provide energy between meals or help you get rid of sugar cravings or the 3PM drowsiness crash. None of their food is heated past 117* so the natural enzymes are protected. My favorites are their cacao bites and raw truffles. Spiralina is a powerful detoxes and goji berries are high in vitamins and protein – both ingredients aid in weight loss. 


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