Makeup Organization Tips

I’ve accumulated so much makeup, it was time to finally get organized. I use drawers for the things I don’t really use on a daily basis. I finally found a clean way to maintain the makeup I use most often. iSkelter’s Taylor Beauty Station is a makeup organizer, display center, and universal docking station for your iPhone, iPad, and most phones and tablets. The quality is flawless; chiseled and handcrafted from natural bamboo and hand-finished. 

Their products are designed and hand-built in Phoenix, Arizona by their team. The main feature that sold me on this is the ability to watch a beauty tutorial on the stand while you have your makeup right next to you. Everything has its spot and it adds major consistency to your makeup routine. Other tips for cleaning and organizing your makeup:

– Wash brushes with equal parts olive oil and baby shampoo

– Clean other makeup tools with rubbing alcohol 1x/wk (ex: eyelash curlers)

– Store extra brushes in a glass filled with whole coffee beans

– Keep Windex wipes nearby to quickly wipe off your makeup station

– Consider keeping a candle on your station to truly relax and enjoy using your makeup (after all you spent a lot of money on it!)

– Makeup stains?! Dawn soap and a bit of hydrogen peroxide are the best


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