Herb Container Gardening Tips

I never thought I’d be patient enough to garden, but after many failed attempts at my favorite culinary ingredient (basil) I decided to do some research on how to properly care for it. And it worked! Here are my top tips for growing fresh, delicious basil:

There are many varieties of basil, I chose Sweet and Napoletano. The Sweet Basil grew much quicker and I didn’t notice a big difference in the two taste-wise. 

– Basil loves full sun (6-8 hrs/day)

– Pinch off any flowers that appear to keep the basil growing

– Make sure the soil doesn’t dry out but don’t over-water

– Pick the leaves regularly to encourage growth

– Regular picking will yield over 1C fresh basil/week 

– Plant in organic soil mixed with used coffee grounds

– Use a diluted solution of Miracle Gro spray

– If you care for your Basil daily, it will turn out great!

How do I store my herbs?!

Greenbo extra-large railing window box, is my favorite planter for herbs. Having zero skills to build a crazy planter or do any sort of DIY project, this fits my low skill level and it looks clean! I grew the basics – dill, basil, parsley, mint and cilantro (not a big fan and of course this grew like crazy, I might replace with something else next year). Dill needs lots of watering, this is the first year it stayed and didn’t dry out (since I actually remember to water it now!) The container above is the easiest way to maintain an herb garden, not a bunch of pieces to put together and just one pot to water.

Keep your garden simple by adding in a few pops of color (my lime green planter is also by Greenbo) and an outdoor rug:

Good luck & Happy Gardening! 


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