{DIY Framed Photos} for a chic gallery wall:::

I’ve been admiring the chic prints by Americanflat, but definitely not the ridiculous price tags. At upwards of $66/each, I knew there had to be a better way to get the same results, here’s the scoop:


:::This overall project for me is huge – I’m a cook most definitely zero design/DIY skills. I have no patience for any sort of DIY project aka if I accomplished this and saved money anyone can do it:::

~Etsy: I selected six printable wall art designs @ $4 each = $24

~Snapfish: I uploaded the six prints in .jpg format and selected the 8 X 10 option. With a promo code and $1 shipping, the total came to just = $8. They came out looking identical to a print you would purchase for a higher price

~Frames, I purchased 11X14 matted frames online @ approximately $12/each = $70 I suggest purchasing frames with the hooks on them, it is worth spending a dollar more on this

~Total Overview = $17 per framed picture vs. $66/per framed picture…total home décor win! That’s $100 for the project vs. $462 for six framed photos, huge difference.

~Additional gallery wall items = 3 small turquoise mirrors $9 total
Here is the unveiling of the finished, framed photos, they can be arranged in any way you desire since a gallery wall can be mixed up a bit. All I had to do was line the prints up in the frames and they were good to go. Here’s my results:


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