Jitter Free Coffee: MCT Oil & Cacao with Metabrew

:::My quest for good coffee continues::: Coffee to me is like wine – so many varieties, flavors and ways to produce the end product…you never stop learning and discovering new ones! Above, is a total first for me…jitter-free coffee?! Here’s the details on Metabrew:::

The founders of Metabrew survived the hustle and bustle of NYC on 2 liters of Diet Coke and a pot of coffee/daily. I thought my caffeine love was a problem. They stumbled upon a “group of weirdos” who drank bulletproof coffee. Never heard of it?! Check out my video here: CaitlinCooks- Bulletproof Coffee combining oil + coffee digests slower but the combo can be too heavy on your stomach (not to mention overpowering taste of its not blended properly). Metabrew moved away from dairy and to an entirely plant-based formula. Combining cacao, cashew butter and MCT oil they created a much lighter formula with all the benefits. MCT oil aids in weight management (yes please!)

:::So what does it taste like?! Smooth taste with a mild cacao flavor, much lighter than any coffee I’ve tried, I taste more cashew than coffee. Very subtle lightly sweet finish. This is a great switch up from your typical heavy morning coffee with cream and sugar. It’s a good way to break bad habits and pick an option with higher nutritional benefits once in awhile Metabrew for some more details! Xoxo


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