The BEST sheet masks, skincare haul + 7 Day Sheet Mask Challenge!

I’ve noticed tons of articles about the Sheet Mask Challenge (trying a different sheet mask daily for 7 days straight): SokoGlamVogue XoVainSimplyBeyoutified to name just a few! With all of the benefits to your skin and the fact that it forces you to relax for at least 15 mins/day – who wouldn’t want to try that out?! Not to mention all of the cute packaging and plethora of options out there in the sheet mask market. I’ve had the chance to try nearly every brand and though it was hard have narrowed it down to my favorites. 

Skinfood::: This is the first skincare company I feel super connected with because they are founded on my #1 passion – FOOD! “Healthy skin starts with food. Food contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are good for the body inside and out.” They make everything from toners to shampoo and being on my sheet mask kick, I had to get my hands on them! I can’t even write on a post how excited I am about some of their unique blends – where do I even start?! The blueberry smells so sweet, the tomato made my skin glow and the orange woke me up with a sunny citrus scent. I tried all of the above and can’t pick a favorite but I’ll give you a quick preview.

Yogurt is rich in B vitamins, calcium, zinc, and lactic acid to nourish skin. Lactic acid acts as a natural hydrating exfoliant. This calmed my skin down, the weather has it irritated and red, the addition of honey also helps with acne.

Green tea is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. It’s catechins, vitamins, and amino acids help soothe and clear skin. I used to put green tea bags under my eyes every morning, the fact that they turned this into a whole mask is amazing! I already stalked their site and have a list of items on my agenda to try from them next – the black honey mask, avocado toner, egg white pore foam…make sure to be on the lookout for my upcoming Back to School Stress Relief Tips, where I’ll be using their Chamomile sheet mask. Slightly in love with this brand!

Fango is a brand new collection by Borghese, they sell them at Macy’s in-store and online. Their masks take a little less time, some activating within just 5 minutes. Mango exfoliates your skin and pomegranate provides antioxidants and wakes you up (I’m actually using this mask right now while I type). 

Maskeraide has a huge variety of sheet masks plus my favorite pre-mask prep tool, their konjac sponge. I cleanse my skin using their konjac sponge, do toner than apply one of my sheet masks. The charcoal removes impurities without irritating skin. My favorite mask by them (and it’s been featured on Kim K’s site) is the All Nighter. It smells like crisp peppermint and includes argan oil, honey, aloe and cactus extracts. They make eye masks too so I sometimes apply those first and do the mask on top.

Peach & Lily::: K-Beauty is on trend in a big way and this has to be the cutest site out there, the sheet masks that they sell are all “cult favorites.” I tried Cremorlab, a Snail Moisture Mask (don’t be scared!) and a Mizon mask. The Cremorlab Triple Bright Floral Mask is 10/10, made of 100% organic cotton it brightens your skin and really helps with Hyperpigmentation. I’m dying to try out Peach & Lily’s bubble masks and cushion foundations to check those off my beauty bucket list! 

BioRepublic you most likely have heard of already since they are known for making the world’s best sheet masks!! I tried their On The Glow Kit, a set of their slow, cucumber, green tea and the pomegranate crush. Save the best for last?! I’m loving their cucumber and pomegranate crush! Each mask contains 1/2 a bottle of serum to revitalize skin. Umm yes, I had to re-read that too the first time I saw it. Cucumber Breeze soothes fresh skin and (my favorite benefit) reduces fine lines. I love the crisp, fresh scents. The cucumber on its own is just $4.99 which is very reasonable as well. Their Lost a Baggage eye masks have been my saving grace in the morning. No matter how much sleep I get, I still somehow have bags. I use these while I drink my coffee before I put my makeup on.
:::My 7 Day Challenge summary?! First off, I feel more relaxed because I used the mask time to read a magazine and force myself to sit down and be peaceful for a brief moment. Besides looking like a horror movie cast member wearing the masks (I had to say it, they look creepy) they have done wonders for my skin! I love, love, love sheet masks and can’t get enough. What are your favorites?!?



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