Healthier Ways to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth

:::For the FIRST time in my life, I’m actually saying “no” to high calorie, decadent desserts. Before having a baby I could basically have any chocolate or cheesecake without becoming a house. Afterwards, not so much. After years of being exhausted and addicted to sugar, I just got sick of it. There’s no other way to describe it then that, I’m fed up with feeling groggy and having to drink 4C coffee/day yet STILL feel tired. It was a struggle at first to turn down cake, but after a few short days I just started to gain more energy. I remind myself that the high calorie option will make me feel gross. You really do have to want to make the change yourself, here’s what I’ve been keeping in stock for when I do need something sweet:

Big Slice Apples ::: Roasted peaches or apples with cinnamon & a dollop of whipped cream (sometimes oats baked in too) is my favorite way to have dessert but stay on track. When I don’t feel like going through all of that, the next best thing are these grab and go apples in a variety of unique flavors, one of my favorites is the Cherry Vanilla (pictured above). All packs are under 100 calories and made me with real apples and fruits. They come in pure, fit and luxe varieties. 

The Honey Berry Chia is my #1 – super sweet and packed with chia seeds it’s filling and kicks my sugar cravings to the curb. 

Chocolate cravings?! My “go to” remedy is a chocolate graham cracker with 1T Kerfluffle (the chocolate chip variety). If you haven’t been introduced to Kerfluffle yet, than what th fluff?! You’re totally missing out (just don’t eat the whole jar, moderation)! Super smooth peanut butter with a ribbon of marshmallow and chocolate chips. Go fluff yourself!

Kind recently launched a new line of chewy fruit bars, Pressed by Kind. I’m really surprised that my favorite bar was the Kale Pineapple Banana Spinach variety, it’s unlike any other fruit bar I’ve tried. Packed with bananas it’s super sweet and I’m in looooove with the texture. Like their original products, they focus on REAL ingredients you can actually pronounce. If you’re s frequent snacker, they even offer auto delivery. 

Here’s a list of a few more lighter options for sweet cravings:

– iced matcha tea with honey

– vanilla yogurt with pineapple, shredded coconut + 1T mini chocolate chips

– blueberries dipped in yogurt and frozen

– my chocolate espresso smoothie Video Here

– meringue cookies (super low in calories)

– cinnamon toast made with Ezekiel raisin bread 

– Califia Farms xx iced espresso (almond milk coffee adds a little protein and energy without indulging too much)

– raspberries drizzled with melted dark chocolate (pop in the fridge a bit)

– Apple almond butter smoothie

– Apple Cookies

What’s your favorite way to beat sugar cravings?!


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