Raw Box – Healthy Subscription

RawBox is a monthly subscription box of plant-based snacks, vegan beauty products and clean lifestyle items (ex: whitening rinse). Usually most boxes in this arena contain itty bitty sample style portions (I’m talking like a little pack with 1 vitamin in it). This one is the real deal. Full packs of kale chips, protein powders and even a full jar of nut butter! If that’s not enough, they also send household items like a natural fruit fly trap (major problem in my life since I always have watermelon or bananas around). And…this month there was a contraption that extends the life of produce in your fridge. I’m not an affiliate (affiliate marketing makes me cringe BTW) so I’m not submitting a canned review to get paid. Just had to put that little tidbit out there into the universe. (*FYI, I have received a LOT of boxes over the years for my blog and you’ll notice there’s only about 6 I’ve actually reviewed). I’ve honestly just been SO disappointed with many of them (I had a particularly bad experience with a beauty one a…*cough* monthly lip box*… they were extremely defensive when I refused to do a review because they used stale aftermarket items and I didn’t believe it was worth anyone’s hard earned money). If you truly pour your heart and soul into your business, taking constructive criticism is a quality you probably need to adopt. Some of them are super shady and you can tell just don’t care about their customers. Not to get all negative and bash anyone (wow I think that’s the first time I’ve done that – I hate doing that, but come on). Long story short, I only review the ones I trust – ones that are jam-packed with products, deliver exceptional customer service and NEW products from high-quality brands. AKA any subscription box I put up on my site has received my full inspection and already has a 10/10. I’m crunching on the Kale Chips from Olive & Radiant while I type this (a brand I’ve never seen before = love, love love) they are packed with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, cashews and chia seeds. I’m tempted to google them right now and buy an entire case. My other favorites were the sheet mask, whitening rinse, chocolate protein powder, macro greens and cashew butter.
A picture says 1,000 words so here’s the rundown of my first two Raw Boxes, I think you’ll be pretty impressed too:

Next Raw Box:

Check them out Here and I’ll be sure to share with you next month’s goodies!


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