Fall Haircare Essentials

My naturally wavy hair is super dry and prone to breakage from months of sun, chlorine and hair dye. It’s time to take a “home spa day” and restore my hair back to a healthier condition. Here are my latest favorites for September:

Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture (pictured above) named after the infamously fabulous Haircare pioneer (and first self made woman millionaire!!!), is a line of super moisture-infusing shampoos, conditioners and styling products. The blue label is best for my hair type and keeps frizz at bay for hours. Packed with coconut oil, morninga oil and B5 it has a beautiful vanilla scent that I’m obsessed with. 

I think I first discovered this brand on Birchbox?! Wherever it was, I noticed the 5* reviews and had to check them out. They make the freshest citrus products (and body washes) I’ve gone through each bottle pretty quickly because I always use more than neccessary (they smell SO good I can’t help it!!!) but my favorite is their Lemon Rinse it seals in moisture and prevents frizz. After using conditioner, I let this soak in than rinse with the coldest water possible to get super shiny locks.

Ok, so how cool is this?! Customized Haircare with your name ON the bottle. Paired with a fancy hair straightener or dryer, this would make for an awesome holiday gift for beauty addicts. Take the quiz on Function of Beauty and in addition to creating the best formula for your hair type, you can choose your essential oil type and product color. I chose the papaya essential oil for a tropical pop. 

Keratin Complex Vanilla Bean is like using vanilla ice cream as a hair conditioner. I was surprised this had REAL speckles of vanilla bean. I leave this on for about 15 mins for a sweet aromatherapy treatment.

Ok so this one I am saving for last, and it’s not that I didn’t like it. It smells like crisp fresh cucumbers and the texture is like pudding. I wanted to love this so bad but for some reason it made my hair break off like crazy afterwards. But, I do have weak hair to begin with so its still worth mentioning because I believe it’s an amazing product, not necessarily for my fragile hair. I almost feel like it didn’t have enough chemicals to fight my hair, but it’s totally worth mentioning and checking out based on the great scent and good for you ingredients Avocado Cream Mask


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