Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

The countdown begins, Christmas is ALMOST here and as per usual, I’m not done shopping. Here are some of my suggestions if you’re still totally stuck on what to get and you need something unique and amazing:

The gift of sleep is absolutely priceless and it doesn’t get any better than the Airweave Top Mattress. I’ve spent so much wasted money on gel and foam top mattresses hopeful of a better sleep, only to be dissapointed. A firm topper is key (I’ve always thought the exact opposite). This particular topper has a core that regulates your body temperature, adjusts airflow and your energy/movement at night. It’s a cinch to clean and eco-friendly. If you’re going to purchase a big ticket item, this is a nice luxurious treat well worth the investment.

Tea is one of the best winter gifts, but the tea from The Tea Spot is truly something special. I’m sipping on the blood orange smoothie right now with tons of honey!

Salt Traders Peppercorn Tower Is the perfect gift for cooks! I go through salt and pepper super quick. 

Meno Espresso Cups are everything! I’ve been using these in the morning for my caffeine fix of course and at night to feel fancy sipping my tea!

 The Start Now Pur Minerals Set is the perfect makeup gift. It comes it colors suited for all skin tones and the coverage is absolutely perfect. I use this religiously every single day. PS- the mascara is amazing!!!

Stadler Form – Aroma Diffuser is my favorite way to de-stress and makes a fabulous gift for anyone who wants a scent but hates overpowering fruity, fake candles. This can be used with any aromatherapy oil. My favorite combo is lavender and peppermint but I’m also a big eucalyptus fan. I like that the oil is mixed in automatically by the machine so you don’t have to worry about it clogging. It can even operate for 21 hrs without filling the tank again. 


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