What are probiotics?! And why should you take them daily? 

I’ve heard of probiotics before, my Mom has always preached that I take them daily to keep my immune system in tact. My only experience with them has been those yogurt cups and little smoothie bottles (delicious but loaded with sugar). I usually buy them AFTER getting a cold (I guess that kind of defeats the purpose, lol). But I honestly never educated myself on what they are exactly or WHY I should even consider taking them. I seriously cringe at the thought of a “new year, new you” resolution, besides being super cheesy it just seems like something that always lasts temporarily. But I’m sick of feeling sick. Overweight, tired, full of complaints and doing nothing about it. I started to research different supplements and probiotics kept coming up in the mix. 

Here’s the run down on what they are exactly:

– Live bacteria and yeast (I know, sounds scary but the good ones) 

– They help to move food through your gut

– Combined with exercise and a healthy diet, that can help with belly fat

– Besides the obvious of helping with your stomach, they can also help your skin, allergies/colds

I started a weight loss plan that incorporates probiotics, called the Elevated Plan you can download it in their site (totally free) and here’s the run down:

I’m still on my first few days of trying this method, but cutting out the sugar and sticking to probiotics has already given me a boost of energy. I’ve been struggling with some major adrenal fatigue and chugging coffee + cream and tons of sugar. Just that small change (I haven’t even started intense workouts yet, just yoga so far) has helped me not feel bloated and sluggish. 

You guys may have seen my video on my Skinny Espresso Smoothie I seriously live by this recipe every morning. Unless I crave a savory breakfast than I’ll do eggs or avocado toast. But I switched the espresso smoothie up a little by doing a scoop of Manila honey and the banana Kai Meal Shake. It really does keep me full for hours and the espresso is an added benefit to get my day started. 

I drink at least one of these packets a day, a few cups of green tea and tons of sparkling water (my addiction). 

Somehow over the past few years, dark chocolate ice cream became part of my daily routine. I keep the almonds above in my fridge and when I’m dying for a rich piece of chocolate, I have these available. This is a blend of a prebiotic (activates the probiotic bacteria) + probiotic with no added sugar alcohols. 5G protein, 7G fiber, 1G sugar. These are filling and improve gut bacteria at the same time, multi functional chocolate. Loving it!

Along with my daily multivitamins and hair vitamins, I started taking one of the Ultimate Probiotics above. Although you can’t physically see the benefits, over time your health will improve:

Improves digestion and food tolerance

Reduces gas, bloating and digestive discomfort

Aids in recovery of the flora after antibiotic use

Supports nutrient absorption

Reduces inflammation

Improves favorable immune response and supports the reduction of allergies and asthma

Improves regularity of bowel movements

Acidifies the digestive tract to support the growth of good bacteria

I hope you guys have the chance to try to incorporate probiotics into your daily routine and I wish you all the best each day with your health goals! Xoxo


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