Manuka Honey Chia Pudding

You’ll Need:

*This should make two in jars or bowls

1C strawberry Greek yogurt

1/2tsp vanilla powder

1T chia seeds

1 Mango, diced

1C strawberries, diced

1/2C walnuts

Manuka honey, to taste

Let’s Make It:

1 – Mix your yogurt, vanilla powder and chia seeds.

2 – Layer it up! Place a scoop of the yogurt mix in the bottom of a jar. Garnish with a little sprinkle of walnuts. Top with mangos and strawberries.

3 – Drizzle each layer with a generous ammount of manuka honey (see below for benefits). Continue to layer until you’ve filled the jar.

4 – Cover with plastic wrap and allow to sit overnight so your chia “gels” and turns into a delicious, rich pudding texture.

::::Benefits of Manuka Honey::::

{|||} Improves Digestion

{|||} Enhances Skin (I place it in a water bottle and shake it up with some ACV)

{|||} Helps with chronic sinusitis and allergies

{|||} Face mask (I like to combine some w/ coconut oil and matcha powder)

{|||} Improves dental health

{|||} Can reduce cholesterol and help diabetes

{|||} Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

{|||} Reduces stomach inflammation 

I can’t get enough of it, stirred into tea or my daily chia pudding it’s an everyday staple. Hope you’ll try out the recipe! Xo


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