Purefy For Healthier Air 

If you guys saw my latest YT Video you’ve heard that I had the norovirus. I never even heard of this until I experienced it. I googled like a maniac while I was sick (as most of us do) and it turns out the only remedy I could find was deep cleaning with bleach. For me it meant eight days of Gatorade, coconut waters and no food. After tons of research, I finally stumbled upon a product that can help me to avoid ever getting this again.

Purefy offers a full line of clean and healthy disinfecting products. My personal favorite is the Purefy Air, it’s super chic (almost like a piece of art) and highly effective. I keep this running all day. In fact I use it so often I’m ready to purchase more refills. It comes with a solution that’s entirely free of white dust and contaminants. It’s also very soothing and helps me fall asleep better.

Purefy’s Disinfectant fits in my pure and kills germs in 60 seconds, entirely free of alcohol, fragrances and chemicals. I use their Multipurpose Cleaner on everything from fruits and veggies…to baby toys! I don’t have any multipurpose cleaners in my stash right now that can also clean my produce!! The mist is also pretty fun to use since it covers such a large area, they refer to it as the “duckie.” I’m finally getting over what I hope is my last cold of the season. With continued use of Purefy, I’ll keep you guys updated 🙂


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