Spiced Chicken with Mango Rice – Budget Bites

Another “Budget Bites” recipe! This one came about by accident, I had some leftover rotisserie chicken and decided to spice it up with curry and chili powder and make it juicy with a splash of chicken broth. Some days you just need a go to meal in your back pocket that will help you avoid the plague of fast food. This is totally it!!! And you can make it in a breeze with screaming kids, a messy house, crazy schedule and you won’t blink once. Using curry powder sounds a little intimidating (will my whole house smell, is it super pungent!?) No and no! Heavy on the chili powder, light on the curry powder this will add turmeric, coriander, garlic, chiles and more all just from this one blended spice. Try it! Don’t be scared!! If you’re feeling adventurous, try stirring a pinch in your next bowl of soup too. My Uncle every Thanksgiving would make turkey rice soup with a scoop of curry powder and nobody could guess the secret ingredient. Enough talking, let’s get to the recipe. Which BTW, I think my biggest pet peeve is clicking on a recipe on Pinterest and there’s a 500 paragraph essay on the person’s life, their stressful day, their detailed commentary like omg can I just get a quick ingredient list…we’re starving very here!!!!!

Make It:

1- Add shredded rotisserie chicken to a pan with the chili powder and curry, lime juice and chicken broth. Heat through (make your rice in the meantime).

2- In a separate bowl, mix your rice with the mango and coconut milk.

3- Plate it up (crazy that we’re done already, right!?), plate the rice and the chicken with more lime juice, cilantro if desired and your favorite hot sauce! 



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