Winc Wines Review aka the “Netflix of wine”

Wine delivery isn’t a brand new concept, but I know some people who have canceled their subscriptions due to cost or held off on signing up for cost. Lots are very pricey. In comes a refreshing version of wine delivery Winc, hailed as the Netflix of wines, begins at just $39/month. You start out by completing a personal profile that matches you up with your recommendations. I was excited to see that my list resulted in lots of whites and my favorite wine, Riesling. Their site is great for both wine connoisseurs and newbies. I love how each bottle comes paired with a little recipe card to do your own at home tasting. This would be fabulous for hosting a party. So after you fill out your profile, you’ll be able to pick from the huge list of recommendations. Curious what I picked this month?! Check it out:

{Brethren of the Road~Gewurtztraminer} To me, Gewurtztraminer (pronounced geh verts truh me ner, one of the few things I remember from my year long wine class due to the silly name) is the perfect spring wine due to how aromatic the floral notes are. It has a strong lychee and flower scent. The grapes are typically pink to red and have a naturally high ammount of sugar. This was dryer than a Riesling or Moscato, the subtle sweetness is perfectly offset by spicy food so I paired this with my Chicken Jambalaya

{PYT:  Rose} The fermentation for this delicious Rose is finished in the bottle – which is what creates subtle pop of effervescence. This is an unfiltered wine, so I noticed a bit of sediment at the bottom, similar to a kombucha. The taste is a mix of juicy watermelon, zesty pink lemonade and grapefruit. This is best served ice cold with BBQ food (I did lemon rosemary chicken wings). Rose has exploded into a trend of pink drink images on Instagram and blogs, and though it does look gorgeous there’s so much behind it. Red wine grape skins are crushed, left to sit (macerate) in red wine, than fermented, our beautiful rose is born. The winemaker removes the grape skins when their wine reaches the desired shade of pink and that timeframe of course varies with each vineyard. Any type of red grape can be used! Most are a blend of multiple grapes and they can come from any region in the world. Because of this, there are so many various appellations. Appellations! Omg! My teacher would be so proud I remember something else from class. That wine course was NO joke..appellations, qualitatsweiThe longer the grape skins sit, the darker your rose. Also with rose, the taste will not improve with years. So in this case the newest year = freshest! Can you tell from my excitement that this was my fav??!

{Tempo Vero Italian Barbera} Barbera is a very popular red grape with low tannins. New to wine?! Imagine brewing your favorite cup of black tea and licking the tea bag. That sharp, herby taste is the tannin. So yes, please to low tannins in my wine. Tasting tea and wine have so many similarities. There’s SO much to learn about wine, I’d love to take another course. Barbera is a great grape to blend with others such as adding color to wine made with a Nebbiolo grape. Many Barbera wines come from Piedmont, Italy. This version was very light and paired well with pasta.

{Passarola Portuguese Vinho Blanco} I saw the high ratings for this wine and had to throw it into the mix. Very floral (perfect for spring), slightly acidic and medium dry. Portugal is growing as a hot region for wine making with 250+ grape varieties an they give you the most bang for your buck. Shipments to the USA have nearly tripled!!! Overall, I’m very satisfied with my Winc delivery and it did help me learn a bit more about wine varieties I would never typically buy. I usually stick to my Riesling and Pinot Grigio so this was a refreshing twist!


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