Spring Beauty, Home & Skincare Favorites 

Spring is my favorite time of year: cherry blossoms, tulips, endless leftover chocolate bunnies, the smell of fresh cut grass and…new spring makeup in fresh pastels and skincare in crisp scents. Not to mention that it’s the BEST time to treat yourself to celebrate the end of constant colds being spread and (hopefully) the tail end of allergies. So here’s  the full scoop on the spring beauty and skincare that I’m obsessing over at the moment:

{Lancôme Juicy Tubes}: A classic makeup essential. These have a light floral scent, tiny flecks of glitter and tough staying power. You really only need a raindrop sized amount since the formula is so highly concentrated. 

{Essie Gel Couture}: This is by far the best alternative to getting your nails done at a salon. I hate going to the salon, I feel like it’s such s big waste of money when you can do your nails yourself / treat yourself to a mini spa day at home. I can get a good 9 days out of these with no chipping (and that’s with cooking, constantly washing my hands in between prep and chopping, etc.). I love the shape of the bottle and with the brush you can apply to your nails in a smooth, single swipe. 

{H2O+ Beauty}: There is so much I love about the H2O product line, I’m not quite sure where I should start! The Matcha Detox Mask combines powerful ingredients in a peelable mask to draw out impurities. Fine lines (thank you, 30’s 🙄) are my biggest skincare concern and this mask smooths them all out and calms my pores down. Their line of body butters provide a concentrated form of hydration, literally like a stick of smooth butter on your skin and not to mention the perfect size for traveling! I pair this with their dry oil spray (the “Teak Rose” variety is my fav) to layer it up for a long lasting fragrance. Their lip gel balm is entirely clear and flavored with a delicious hint of vanilla and mint. This balm is so pretty on its own but once applied leaves a soft, dewy finish and is a great prep before a lip stain. 

{Erbaviva} Shaping Oil & Shaping Salts promote circulation and detoxification pink pepper, grapefruit, ginger and the therapeutic benefits of salt. The oil can also be mixed with the salts for an at home spa style scrub. The shaping oil is the best spa oil I’ve ever used. The pink pepper promotes healthy circulation and the grapefruit aids has diuretic properties, I apply this after I exercise to help promote further detox. 

{IT Cosmetics} Where do I even begin with this one?! I’ve been wearing IT Cosmetics well before they were the hottest thing in the world of concealers and foundations. My daily spring makeup consists of their Your Skin But Better CC Cream (this is my #1 can’t live without makeup item this spring, yes I do have a favorite on this list lol), their Bye Bye Pores Finishing PowderAnti Aging Concealer and their bronzer and highlighter. While it sounds like tons of products, this creates the perfect no fail EVERYDAY look. 

{Aura Clean System by TAO} I’ve recently converted from the popular facial cleansing brush brands to the one above from Tao after learning that (drumroll please) you don’t need to buy replacement brushes! This system keeps your brush sanitized, fully charged and offers two modes so if it have sensitive skin it’s non irritating. The coolest feature?! The aura clean halo, a 360 degree UV-C lamp that sanitizes and destroys germs and pathogens that linger on your brush keeping it 100% germ free. I use this everyday morning and night. 

{Greenleaf Gifts} Touches of wildflower, pineapple, vanilla and sandalwood create the captivating home fragrance Buttercup Fields. Their candles and diffusers come packaged in this farmhouse style spring packaging, also making this the perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

{Botanic Farm Sheet Masks} Sheet masks are my skincare obsession and this rose one from Botanic Farm is my absolute fav! I leave it on for 20 mins and it works hard to tighten your pores. Than you can run it in to take full advantage of the Rose oil. They also make gorgeous pink shades of lip/cheek makeup, packed with chamomile, macadamia oil, hibiscus and Barbados cherry extract:

Exfoliating is a MUST for the spring:

{Spongelle Shimmer Collection} offers up exfoliating sponges that pack a big pop of shimmer! I’m loving all of their scents and the extracts they incorporate. This is an absolute must have item for spring pedicures!

{Sigma Brushes} I’ve wanted to try Sigma brushes for the longest time ever and…total game changer! I’ve purchased so many different contour palettes and used my flimsy brushes. It took me years to realize that fancy makeup will apply streaky and means nothing if you don’t use the proper brush. Their brushes will last for years and years and can withstand  washing/sanitizing. They help your favorite highlighters and bronzers to apply smoothly and at the perfect angle.

Headbands from Savvy Coconut are a fun way to make a bold statement with their bright patterns and to also keep your hair looking fresh on those days where you just use a dry shampoo. They can go from exercising to paired with your favorite spring outfit. I’m loving the tropical vibes in the above prints. 

I’ve mentioned Wei Beauty before and have to rave about them again!!! Their sheets masks are super moisturizing and nourishing. My skin is definitely fine lines/aging so I will gladly take all of the help I can get! Their eye brightening cream is my go to before applying makeup every day, it’s very creamy and doesn’t get cakey with makeup like many of the eye creams out there tend to do. 

I’ve been using charcoal toothpaste to whiten your teeth for years and this InVitamin toothpaste makes life so much easier so I’m not mixing the charcoal myself. I’ve tried white strips but they make my teeth hurt for days after, it’s so uncomfortable. This is equally as effective without any tooth pain. 

Even though it’s getting warmer it’s still nice to treat yourself with some spa style products! Elizabeth W crafts her bath cubes with poppy extract and essential oils. I love anything with a fresh cucumber scent. I used all of this in just a week, I’m hooked!!!


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