Tiny Teatox Detox Tea 

If you’re anything like me, you cringe at the mention of “detox” teas. It’s become such a hyped up (and highly sponsored) type of IG post (BTW this is entirely #NOTsponsored). I’m a big fan of power vinyasa yoga, hot yoga and basically any remedies that are Ayurvedic. I recently tried a blend of detox tea based on traditional Chinese medicine to restore vitality and create balance. 

When our digestion suffers, so does our energy. They have a full range of tea blends that aren’t a “get skinny quick” or miracle in a teabag, but support your digestive health and in turn provide energy.

I’ve been drinking their oolong tea for three months, I love sipping it while I read my favorite book to unwind. It’s blended with barley sprout, tangerine peel, radish and lotus root. 

They also have a chic glass tea tumbler that stays warm for hours. I tried the Tiny Teatox and along with a healthy diet and exercise, noticed a difference in bloat and energy. I drizzle my tea with about 1T Manuka honey and enjoy as a sweet treat in place of heavy desserts.

I’m excited to try out their other varieties, especially apple crumb and jasmine tea (Jasmine tea paired with sushi or Chinese food is one of my favorite combos ever!) I also noticed that they make a Skincare product with their tea. Definitely all different stuff you won’t find in your grocery store and SO worth checking out! 


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