I Heart Keenwah Review

I love my snacks! I wish I could be one of those people who only do breakfast, lunch, dinner consistently but I’m definitely an all day snacker. I can also kill a bag of cheese puffs like no one’s business. Not exactly the best idea when you’re at your heaviest weight ever and battling to beat that. I saw I Heart Keenwah puffs all over Instagram and I was immediately drawn to them! Crispy and light bite sized puffs come in concentrated flavors like those shown above + they also make a chocolate variety and a hot cereal. 

I’m in love with their cheddar and sweet chili flavors. And if you’re a truffle lover the Sea Salt Truffle is right up your alley. I topped my Gazpacho with the truffle puffs for a gourmet lunch on the go:

And I may have eaten an entire bag of the chili puffs 😳 I feel better knowing that they’re packed with real, wholesome ingredients like quinoa flour, rice flour, pea protein and herbs. Their brand was even rated as one of the 75 best products for your health in Dr. Oz, The Good Life. They’re gluten free and perfect for little ones with allergies. And…they’re vegan! I’m slowly trying to go vegan but the struggle has persisted amidst summer BBQ 😩 These  are the perfect snack when you’re craving cheese puffs but also looking for nutritional value. 


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