Positive Energy Organic Energy Drink Review

I live for my caffeine ❤️ but some days I want some variety from my standard coffee or espresso. I had the chance to try out this delicious assortment from Positive Energy (the yogi in me is loving the name!) I’ll never turn to Red Bull or similar Drinks due to all of the artificial, harsh ingredients.  Each cab contains 150mg of caffeine extracted from green coffee beans. Low in calories and sugar, they are USDA certified organic. Crisp and bubbly, their flavors are not overpowering. My personal fav is the Pomegranate Blueberry. Though it’s not advertised as a sports drink, I do like to drink one while I’m on the treadmill. My current workout routine is 45 mins on the treadmill (15% incline 5 mins walking, 5 speed running 5 mins and I rotate this for the full 45 mins). Than I do 30 mins of Vinyasa yoga. It’s time for me to take health very seriously and my primary motivator is definitely caffeine. I found this didn’t give me the jitters or racing heart like coffee so it was perfect for my treadmill session:

If I’m lucky and have an extra 15 mins to spare (rarely but it’s nice when it happens), I’ll save a bit to sip while I detox in the sauna downing my lemon water alongside and a green face mask.

I left the gym feeling super refreshed. I also have to add that the name of the drink is a great conversation piece. Everyone is talking about “positive energy” today, am I right?! Balance. A huge item missing from our busy social media / Internet / news / work infested lives. It’s nice to take a moment for yourself, breathe and recharge. Positive Energy can be purchased directly on their website for a little sip of good vibes ✌🏻️


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