Lebby Chickpea Snacks Review 

Chickpeas are one of my absolute #1 snacks. I usually make them with tons of harissa and spices but 1 batch for me = one serving and I often lack the patience to go through the baking process. I’m currently munching on some Lebby Snacks chickpeas (the dark chocolate variety…total game changer btw). Packed with vitamins and minerals they contain 70% less fat than peanuts (and personally I like the taste better peanuts to me are a little bit on the dry side). The sesame variety has the just the right amount of sweetness, I’ve been keeping them in my purse for in between meals. But the dark chocolate is my absolute fav:

Covered in rich cocoa powder, these quickly satisfied my sweet tooth. I noticed a lot of people on Amazon complained about the texture being too chalky but I actually liked that they weren’t “break your teeth crunchy” like every chickpea I’ve tried on the market. These were crisp but easy to chew and that makes them very unique from other chickpeas on the market. I can even give them to a child and not worry that they’re too crunchy. Coming in with 6G protein/serving I definitely give these my star of approval! 👍🏻


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