Brooklyn Whatever – Pickled Veggies 

I’ve always been a huge fan of pickles, so when I saw these from Brooklyn Whatever I knew I’d be an instant fan. Owned by a Mother and son team, they create unique pickled veggies (aka no traditional/boring dill, no cucumbers here!) I ate two jars in one day. I love any variety of pickled veggies as a snack. Don’t judge, some people like chips while I live for some veggies and vinegar/spices. My personal fav is the pickled broccoli:

The broccoli is slightly crunchy with a big bite of garlic. I ate the entire jar on its own as a snack but (if you’re not lazy like me) this would be great with crackers and hummus. Their most gorgeous variety is the pink hued pickled cauliflower with beets:

Most mornings I have avocado toast and today I decided to top it with the pickled cauliflower = the perfect match of smooth and creamy with crunchy and garlicky. They also sell pickled string beans, carrots and brussels sprouts! 

If that’s not enough to pique your interest, they also sell delicious nuts using high quality brown sugar and a blend of spices. Check out their site for updates and be sure to follow them on IG @BrooklynWhatever 😬


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