Rockit 🍎 Apples {Review}

🍎 I saw Rockit Apples online and I was really curious about the taste! Each apple is just the size of a golf ball and comes packed in these cute “to go” tubes for easy snacking. They also come pre-washed so you can eat them right away! 🍎

🍎 My first bite was incredibly crisp/firm, fresh and packed with sweetness. And I noticed there were no seeds! So you can eat the whole entire apple minus the stem. If you have kids you know how they all love to take 2 bites of an apple than ask for another and another…never entirely finishing one whole apple. These are the BEST kid friendly size without any sharp tart taste. Kids and adults both loved them! Apples are that one fruit I always keep in stock next to my lemons and limes. These definitely are on my list as an essential healthy snack to keep on hand! They are also bred using natural techniques that took 20 yrs to develop (no genetic modifications over here!) Packed with fiber, minerals and vitamins…you can’t go wrong trying these. For more info check out Rockit Apple πŸŽ 🍎🍎❀️


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