Siete {Grain Free Tortillas}

I found my #1 snack this summer and will admit I worked out on the treadmill, burned 700 hard earned calories than ate…a WHOLE entire bag. At least Siete Foods tortillas are grain free and powered by avocado oil. Portion control is out the door when you open up one of these bags. The lime variety + homemade guacamole + RHONJ = relaxation goals. The ingredients in my favorite chips are simple::: cassava flour, avocado oil, coconut flour, ground chia seed, sea salt, citric acid, lime oil.

Live shot (above) of entire bag of Nacho chips mysteriously dissapearing. They also make tortillas:

I used them on everything from lunch sandwiches to tacos and burgers. While devouring my chips, I read the entire story on the back of the bag and became even more of a fan! The Garza family created their authentic Siete line when helping Veronica Garza with her health challenges…they even opened their own Cross Fit gym! Wow! Talk about family support! They aimed to create authentic grain-free foods that had their Grandma’s stamp of approval. I will 100% say they succeeded big time! Yum! Now to figure out how quickly I can get my next bag of lime chips shipped 😂❤️


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