Favorite Things: My Natural Hair Routine

I do often post on here items that aren’t necessarily food related because I put the recipes in my YT description AND I love beauty/fashion/home type stuff just as much! Hence the little “Favorite Things” tab on my homepage, I get excited to share my favorite new products or tips! So if you’re here for the food reviews, hold please…there are a few beauty related items on the fall agenda ❤️️😬😂 starting with the most important item…I ditched the heat for my hair and life couldn’t be any easier!

After years of torturing my hair with bad highlights, straighteners, dryers, bad nutrition…my hair was fighting back hard. It was almost daily that huge chunks fell out when I used shampoo (any kind, I even tried fancy hair loss sets and top Sephora brands) leading me to wonder how I possibly had any left. I just decided I didn’t have the patience to hear that crackling sound paired with steam and the smell of burnt hair while fighting to straighten what was left. Or holding a hair dryer up until my hand was numb, how did I ever have patience to do that daily?! I think the final straw came when I used a curling iron, unraveled it and the piece of hair…dropped…to the floor no longer able to sustain the daily routine 😳 That was it. I decided to throw in the towel, embrace the curls and I was determined to find products that worked. This is rambling but it’s important that you know I’ve tried it all so I understand your struggle! From the Pinterest coconut oil DIY things to Ouidad and Deva Curl (my hair hates Deva Curl, maybe I should try it again or try a different item?! I really want to love it!) Long story short, here is my ride or die what truly has worked to take my hair from fried and falling to wavy and glossy:

1::: Use a super nourishing shampoo/conditioner combo, my top four are above. If you have time, use a scalp oil and let it soak in overnight or massage it in before shampooing.

2::: Spray in It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In than using your fingers (not a brush) comb through a generous dollop of Marco Pelusi’s Leave in Conditioner with Color Guard. I have no idea what it is about this combo, they’re both great alone but together they’re the ultimate frizz free dream team. Marco’s product helps maintain colored hair (yes, please these grays are coming in way too quickly) and nourishes with apricot oil, vitamin E and collagen. It’s a 10 is a cult fav with green tea extract, sunflower seed and amino acids.

3::: Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch with 1T of Unite’s Elevate Mousse adds tons of gold, texture and most importantly volume. At this point, I let my hair air dry while I’m making coffee / getting ready. Leave it alone.

4:: Once your hair has air dryer, flip it back 1-2X’s and add a VERY tiny amount of Unite Pure Argan Oil to tame flyaways and seal/repair the hair cuticle. If you want even more volume (I usually do) add a bit of dry shampoo to your roots.

This may sound like TONS of steps but it’s so healthy and fuss free. I like doing this the morning of than washing my hair every 2-3 days, it smells fresh and you’re using tons of products that hydrate your hair. Total win, I dread using heat on my hair now that this is my routine. And…the more you stick to this, you’ll notice that your curls are gradually less frizzy. For second day hair, just spritz on some water and dry shampoo to refresh the style. Did this routine work for you?!?! Now if you have SUPER curly hair (not wavy like my texture) I reccomend the same steps as above but using these products:

Curls has a big product line, the coconut dream conditioner works great on any hair type! Their curl gels are super defining and glossy just use them in place of the mousse mentioned above. 


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