Best perfume ever?! Tea Rose!

Rose is my favorite scent ever. Crisp, floral and fresh. It’s also the signature scent of The Plaza Hotel. It might sound strange to remember something like that, but they have a huge food mall in the lower level now. In order to get there, you have to enter through their lobby where the crisp smell of fresh roses hits you right away. It’s very noticeable after traveling on a questionable smelling subway and through the mix of smells on the street. It’s refreshing and welcoming, I’ve always enjoyed taking a moment inside their lobby to literally stop and smell the roses. When I found a perfume that smells identical to this, I was so excited! I’ve only had it for a few weeks and have only about 1/3 left already.

Tea Rose is a timeless, classic scent that has been around for forty years. The top notes are peony and chamomile. Middle notes are  tea rose, damask rose and bulgarian rose. It’s also sprinkled with geranium, violet and cedarwood. If you’re a fan of fresh cut flowers and want everything in your house to smell like a flower shop, I highly recommend this! My only complaint is that I wish they sold extra, extra large bottles!


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