MOP Pomegranate-Infused Haircare Products


Allure recently published a really interesting story about haircare, you can check it out here My Life Through My Hair, and Christie Brinkley was quoted as saying ” I cut my own kids’ hair, and I knew they’d reached a stage of grown-up-ness when they’d say, ‘Uh, mom, I would like to go to the salon.’ Ah, you’re not my baby anymore. I think hair represents periods of time: Just like an item of clothing or a song can take you back, so can a hairdo. It’s like a little time machine.” It’s a really true perspective. I love trying different haircuts, different colors and of course…the latest and greatest products! Pretty soon, I’ll be transforming my site into a more well rounded version of my favorite things – beauty, wellness, food will stay (of course) and empowering tutorials and interviews from other women. It’s been long overdue since my site has evolved from just plain old cooking tutorials. I wanted to share the latest haircare products I’ve tried out, they come from MOP’s Pomegranate line:

This line is free of sulfites (I try to avoid those in haircare as much as possible), paragon and sodium and packed with Vitamins A, K & C. The added organ and coconut oil seal in the hair cuticle and keep your hair smooth. My personal favorite out of the entire box above, is definitely the Nourishing Mask:
Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 8.29.57 PM

I recently dyed my hair for probably the 100th time in my life 🙂 and it wasn’t exactly a succcessful experience to say the least. I decided to splurge and spend more than I ever would and it was a total disaster. I had a photo of caramel balayage and she dyed my hair pitch black. Besides looking ridiculous, I had to go back to have it (look normal) corrected AKA processing my hair with endless chemicals to get it back. I try to air dry my hair as much as possible to avoid throwing heat damage into the mix. I used all of the MOP shampoo / conditioner products than let this mask soak in for 20 minutes. My hair air dried super soft with zero frizz. Not to mention all of their products smell fresh and fruity. Have to style your hair the next day? Add some of the smoothing lotion, twist hair into a top knot and than blow dry out the next morning. It doesn’t leave your hair greasy and I even used the excess as a hand moisturizer. It looks like they also have scents in Basil Mint and Pear (yum!) this is definitely a fun haircare line to add into the mix.


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