Wellness Essentials {February 2018}

The #1 way to stay healthy is by staying well rested. Between nonstop caffeine, endless projects and being on the run we are definitely not taking self care as seriously as we should. Here are my current favorites for getting THE best sleep possible. Treat yourself, your health is worth it!!

:{Weighted Blanket from Weighted Blankets Plus}: I’ve seen weighted blankets popping up in tons of articles recently and was very curious to try one! They contour to your body and are super soft and comforting. Restless leg syndrome or anxiety?! This will be your new sleep aid. It comes in a variety of colors and it truly works.

:{Luminette Glasses} Don’t laugh, we’re fully aware that these are absolutely ridiculous and space-age looking, but these things truly work! Marketed towards seasonal anxiety disorder, the light improves sleep and mood by regulating your lower retina. You just can’t use them in the dark (you won’t be able to see at all). Use them at night while you’re listening to Audible, watching a show or reading a book…you will notice the difference. Trust me, I was a non-believer and very hesitant. But a quick scan of their reviews on Amazon, it does seem like everyone is pretty happy with this product.



{Essential Oils from Eden’s Garden} Eden’s Garden has produced the best essential oils on the market way before essential oils were a “thing!” They recently came out with a line of body oils (I’ve tried and loved every scent!), the Yuzu is a favorite. It has a lemon peel aroma. They recently launched these gorgeous ceramic oil misters and a line of healthy oils for kids. I’ve been going through these like crazy to freshen up and move those germs out of the way during this yucky “cold and cough” season.


{Zyllion Shiatsu Massage} This thing is right up there with my favorite product ever (heated jade mat). Shoulder pain / neck pain from typing or having poor posture? This is compact enough to store yet tiny enough to lean back on without breaking it or reducing the pressure. The heat is just right to reduce muscle pain and ease tension. This should be part of everyone’s routine before bed to unwind. It’s also great on your legs and feet too!


{Lumie Bodyclock Iris} I have high hopes for this product, I’ve wanted to try it for so long since I am NOT a morning person and NEVER will be. I’ve accepted it. Those around me have suffered greatly from it. So this is an alarm clock with….wait for it…built in essential oils! Yes, it wakes you up with a fresh scent to (hopefully) put you in good spirits before that first cup of coffee. However, stay tuned – I’ll be reporting back on this one. I received the package only to see that it requires a European plug so when I eventually remember to get the converter for it, we’ll put this thing to the test and see if it lives up to it’s expectations.


{Ancient Greek Remedy Moisturizer} This is the perfect nighttime blend of olive, lavender, almond and grapeseed oils with a touch of Vitamin E. I’ve even used this on my hair than twisted it up overnight for a leave in moisturizer. Smother your feet in this and wrap them up in plush spa socks to feel like you just left the nail salon. The lavender scent is calming and bold. And the reviews of this are endless (that’s actually why I wanted to try it out of curiosity). You always have to wonder today if the Amazon reviews are biased / paid. And for the record on that subject, there are ENDLESS products I’ve had to toss that just don’t make it to my blog. Now if I could only find this moisturizer because I put it somewhere after trying it for a week and now it’s suddenly MIA. I need more sleep. Time to get into the routine of using everything above consistently! 🙂


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