100 Ways to Practice Self Care

In order to flourish, you have to nourish yourself! Here are 100 Ways to treat yourself:

[1] Make a huge pitcher of hot or cold water (the hot water kettle is a great investment!). Slice up fresh citrus and your favorite tea, drink the whole entire pitcher to get glowing skin and feel a little detoxed.

[2] Download a book on Audible. When I’m in a bad mood, I live for a good audible biography.

[3] Buy yourself the most indulgent coffee drink at your favorite shop (calories are ignored here!)

[4] Three words: Heated. Jade. Mat. I did a post on this miraculous thing last year and I’ll say it again. Most used item ever. For PMDD, for aches/pains or just to unwind. I cannot say enough about this product.

[5] Use essential oils while you listen to your Audible book. Synergy Blends from Edwin’s Garden are wonderful. If you hesitate to use essential oils, they’re not what you’d expect. They are crisp, refreshing and perfect for spring cleaning.

[6] Buy some fun cleaning products on Grove.

[7] Ditch the grocery shopping and use Instacart. Leave a GREAT BIG tip for added karma.

[8] Read your favorite magazine and light a candle.

[9] Get a fresh haircut, just go to a Great Clips or lowest priced option for a simple trim and shampoo.

[10] Make a DIY scrub (like the one above) for the shower (equal parts coffee grounds and coconut oil). Use as a face mask to plump up the skin and wake that tired little face up!

[11] Netflix and actually chill (no phone, no iPad, just a Netflix show).

[12] Digital detox. Unplug for a day as much as possible.

[13] Browse YouTube for a new workout video that you’ve never tried before.

[14] Meditate through yoga poses.

[15] Order take out and skip doing dishes!

[16] Sample your favorite wine and write down the tasting notes and origin info. Gold Medal Wine Club has a fantastic assortment and comes paired with delicious recipes (trying the scallops this weekend).

[17] Attempt a “no complaint day” and analyze how you feel at the end of the day!

[18] Go vegan for a day. Incorporate lots of veggie packed salads. Dressing above is highly recommended šŸ‘šŸ»šŸ‘šŸ»

[19] Treat someone or help someone. As simple as taking a family member to lunch or coffee.

[20] Listen to positive affirmations.

[21] Give yourself permission to rest.

[22] Use a face mask. The one above from Ren is packed with tropical papaya and smells like the islands (added bonus).

[23] Take a bath with epsom salt.

[24] Drink a green smoothie.

[25] Use a peppermint infused moisturizer like the buttery, creamy one above to feel refreshed.

[26] Cozy up in a big plush blanket with a real book.

[27] Try a free anxiety app like “Calm” to lower stress.

[28] Treat yourself to a monthly subscription box. Love Goodly is a recent favorite. I’m loving the Hurraw peppermint lip balm and the eyelash oil totally works!!!

[29] Cook a new recipe.

[30] Buy a chic journal and write before bed.

[31] Buy fresh flowers!

[32] Watch a motivational TED talk. These are my favorites to get you started.

[33] Say “no” with no apologies.

[34] Appreciate yourself.

[35] Find calm among a storm.

[36] Take your vitamins.

[37] Read a self improvement book.

[38] Create a bucket list.

[39] Watch your favorite stand up comedian.

[40] Declutter and donate.

[41] Get ice cream after dinner.

[42] Dance to your favorite playlist.

[43] Slow down.

[44] Celebrate small achievements (as simple as “I went to work today” when you really didn’t want to get out of bed).

[45] Cover yourself in lavender-infused products before bed.

[46] Get more than enough sleep, even if for one night.

[47] Watch your favorite movie and make popcorn from scratch.

[48] Have a spa day at home.

[49] Go for a run or a walk outside in fresh air.

[50] Bake bread from scratch.

[51] Create a vision board.

[52] Take a nap.

[53] Order a new kind of pizza. Or you know, the same kind…because pizza cures everything.

[54] Write down the things you love and keep in your wallet for when you’re having a bad day.

[55] Try to stick to a weekly exercise routine on the same day (s).

[56] Create a new skincare routine. The one above is custom matched to your skin type (the hyaluronic acid does wonders for tired, aging skin = me).

[57] Buy a new shampoo / conditioner.

[58] Create a self care calendar for the month.

[59] Breathe deeply.

[60] Do a puzzle.

[61] Indulge in your favorite comfort food.

[62] Detox in a sauna.

[63] Use a face steamer.

[64] Treat yourself to a massage and enjoy the spa.

[65] Take a cooking class.

[66] Go to a coffee shop.

[67] Listen to peaceful music while you read (literally just say “ok google / Alexa / etc “play peaceful music”

[68] Paint pottery.

[69] Use flavored honey in your tea (ex: vanilla, orange, blueberry)

[70] Sample olive oils and balsamic vinegar at one of those specialty oil stores.

[71] Use comfy, fluffy fleece sheets.

[72] Give yourself a makeover for fun.

[73] Drink your tea in the fanciest cup.

[74] Find a book with daily affirmations.

[75] Plan a vacation.

[76] Make a batch of cookies or cupcakes “just because.”

[77] Put towels in the dryer before your bath.

[78] Use a body butter than cover yourself in plush slippers and a comfy robe.

[79] Stay in the present.

[80] Shop at Lush.

[81] Do an IG cleanse and unfollow people who don’t inspire you.

[82] Drink more water each day.

[83] Watch your favorite talk shows on demand or YT.

[84] Listen to an interesting podcast (celebrity or social media influencer you enjoy)

[85] Clean your makeup brushes.

[86] Whiten your teeth and do a self tan at home to wake up looking refreshed in the morning.

[87] Stretch.

[88] Buy a loaf of crusty bread and your favorite antipasti items to accompany it for dinner.

[89] Compliment someone.

[90] Look up ridiculously funny memes.

[91] Read at least one personal development article a day.

[92] Take a painting class.

[93] Forgive yourself.

[94] Plan several healthy recipes from Eating Well magazine.

[95] Plant a mini herb garden with fresh basil, parsley and thyme.

[96] Remember that everything is temporary.

[97] Check out some aromatherapy products.

[98] Go on a shopping spree.

[99] Spend time outdoors.

[100] Improve your weaknesses, but honor your strengths.


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