Top Skincare Trends in 2018


{2} BEYOND SHEET MASKS::: Sheet masks were and still are a thing, but it goes far beyond that. This year, you’ll see launches for hair masks, sheet masks, hand masks. It is all about the masks!

{3} ENVIRO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING::: Lush is at the forefront, creating their Naked line which features concentrated products that require less water and less product packaging. A big trend with beauty bloggers who receive PR is pushing for smaller packages. They’re getting sick of the over the top weird marketing inserts (Meghan Leigh and Tati have already voiced their opinions on this in unboxing videos!)

{4} TECH GADGETS::: Two words: light therapy. Even Neutrogena is getting in on this trend.

{5} K BEAUTY::: K Beauty is only getting bigger and better.

{6} SUPPLEMENTS::: Controversial (*cough* Tati Halo Beauty) but there is a demand for skincare supplements. Particularly with women’s haircare.

{7} PERSONALIZED (ok “bespoke” – I hate this word, so bizarre) SKINCARE:::

{8} LASH ENHANCING TREATMENTS::: It’s all about growing those natural lashes vs wearing the falsies.

{9} CRYSTALS::: Skincare infused with stones balances your chakra and improves your overall glow: amethyst for inflammation, tourmaline for detoxing and energy. I have a feeling Nicole Guerrero would love any product in this category.



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