Popular Espresso Drinks.

When it comes to coffee and espresso, we have endless options today. No complaints here! But…it can get a little bit tricky trying to distinguish the various creations. Here’s a quick cheat sheet for when you’re ordering your next cup, you may want to screenshot and save this one:

latte > barely any froth, all steamed milk + 1 shot of espresso.

macchiato > espresso marked with a dot of foamed milk.

doppio > double shot of espresso.

ristretto > concentrated shot of espresso, almost a syrupy texture.

cappuccino > espresso topped with an equal ratio of foam to milk.

mocha breve > one of my favorites :: half & half, chocolate and espresso.

flat white > espresso topped with velvety, glossy microfoam (not foam…) creating a smoother texture.

americano > espresso with hot water. Sounds strange, but it takes the bitter bite out of black coffee.  This is usually what I always get: iced americano, black (when I’m attempting to be healthy) and it’s literally the only way I can drink coffee black and enjoy it. It’s stronger than an iced coffee and I hate when iced coffee gets that gross watery dilution.

espresso romano > I thought I’d tried every coffee type in the book until I went to a steakhouse one day and discovered a new combo. They served espresso with a lemon peel and I actually had to ask “umm did someone drop a lemon peel in here by accident or is this really a thing?” It’s a thing apparently. In Italy particularly, the lemon oil is rubbed either on the cup rim or squeezed into the coffee to reduce the bitterness. Lemon is also thought to increase the sweet taste of the coffee beans.

Cheers! Xoxo


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