Better Together Baking Co. – Dark Chocolate Espresso & Caramel Brownies


Better Together Baking  was founded when the owner Todd was buried in spreadsheets and decided he wasn’t about that office life anymore! He moved to Philly with his wife and made it their mission to create classic American treats high quality, pure ingredients. Sugar, butter, vanilla – nothing artificial here. I’m partial to any chocolate item with espresso in it, but these are a 10/10 in my book. Rich, fudge texture that’s not overpowering. One of my favorite brownies are Fat Witch in NYC but they have SO much sugar in them I feel like I need to down a glass of water after I have one. The espresso brownies from Better Together are just the perfect portion size and the perfect ratio of sugar to chocolate. The hint of espresso really brings out the high quality flavor of the dark chocolate. I ate two already and…I’m eating one while typing this, you know…just to make sure for quality analytic purposes.



My next pick is their sea salt & caramel, the sea salt really comes through as an end note. I’m thankful the portion sizes are nearly bite sized because I tried this one last with a big cup of coffee. And, I could keep on going. I guess someone with will power would freeze them and savor them like suggested on the box, but nope not over here – these have to be hidden or they will be gone within days.



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