Formula 10.0.6 Skincare

I remember when going to Ulta every few paydays with a $40 budget was a huge splurge and HUGE decision. There were only about 10 “beauty gurus” on YouTube and a lack of swatches and reviews online. In fact, I returned more stuff back than vs. shopping online now. There were no surefire go to products or opinions, it was hit or miss. One thing I ALWAYS picked up at Ulta was my Formula 10.0.6 clay mask, it came in orange packaging and I felt like it was fancy looking (and worked) without blowing my entire budget on one skincare item. When I discovered that this company is still making great masks, it reminded me so much of my Ulta trips. Here’s the secret scoop on their latest launch:

{Grape & B3 Berry Balanced Toner}

{Algae & Sea Clay:: Glowing Skin}

{Clay & Tea::: Clarifying Bubble Mask}

{Charcoal & Plum::: Detox}


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