Amazonliss – Brazilian Keratin Treatment At Home

Salon keratin treatments are upwards of $350! As much as it would be nice, I’ll have to say that’s a big NO. I went on a search for DIY at home kits and stumbled upon Amazonliss. I’ve tried an at home treatment previously, I believe it was from Sally Beauty (I can’t remember the price) and I loved the results. Apparently I forgot about how intense the chemicals were because I forgot to open all the windows. To avoid coughing and running to your windows mid-treatment with product half applied, I’d highly suggest that as step number one before you even open up the box. Use in a well ventilated area. Fans on. Windows open. Believe it or not the first before photo is after a very expensive highlight experience at a salon. This is actually how they let me walk out of there. Which could be an entirely different rant. But regardless, it ruined my hair. Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s get to those dreadful before photos and the after keratin results:


The treatment steps were incredibly easy to follow. They sound time consuming, but it actually went by very quickly. Again, my only advise is the ventilation part. This is nothing like your standard home hair color. Their unqiue blend includes cocoa powder, cocoa butter, protein, riboflavin, thiamine, potassium and calcium. All ingredients that are gentle and beneficial to restoring your hair.



My hair was in realy awful shape before I tried this out. Years of hair dye, highlights, heat products and just forgetting to take vitamins (and ok…age too, we’ll throw that in there also!) has left it in a total breaking straw status. The treatment actually made my awful highlights/color situation look much, much better. Now I’m thinking the salon should’ve just thrown in a keratin treatment for the bad job they did. The treatment results lasted me about 3 weeks, but again my hair was in horrible condition. I have to research how often you can use this, if you have to wait a certain time in between, because I’m rady to try it out again. Next up is purchasing Tati’s vitamins. I’ve debated buying them for awhile because I wanted to wait and make sure there weren’t any crazy reactions or complaints. I haven’t seen any horror stories yet so stay tuned for the results.



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