Interview with YouTuber Jordan Cheyenne aka JayJayWeezy

Can we just take a moment to recognize how much YouTube has changed over the past few years?! Not to mention overloaded with drama channels, something that didn’t even exist in 2010. Some of them are cruel (I hate Karina Kaboom). Though few and far between, there is one who spreads positivity and laughter…the ever fabulous Rich Luxx. It’s the equivalent of watching the Jersey Shore – fun, harmless and it completely gets your mind off of the news and anything intense. Exactly what we need more of today. It’s pure satire and comes from a kind hearted place. While I can’t get enough Rich Luxx, the flood of drama and negative channels have really changed what YT used to be. Motivational influencers are such a BIG, refreshing break from all of the same old same old that’s going on right now.

Jordan Cheyenne aka JayJayWeezy on social media is known for her Boss Babe Series, fitness tips and a contagious, spark of energy. Five minutes into one of her tutorials and I’m motivated to meal prep, jump into a work out and be a Boss Mom. She actually reminds me a lot of my favorite OG Nicole Guerriero. I had the opportunity to interview Jordan, she was the very first YT’er I reached out to for this series on my little page and I can’t thank her enough! Grab yourself Jordan’s favorite drink (it’s been my “go to” treat lately):

Check out my favorites from her and unwind:

Now for my questions:

Jordan, In your videos you coined the empowering “Boss Babe” series for women. What defines a boss babe in your eyes?!

-I think a boss babe is a woman who’s independent, goal driven, motivated and willing to work as hard as it takes to achieve her goals. It could also be a single mom of 3, working 2 jobs to make ends meet. Anyone with a genuine work ethic, puts her family above all else, and doesn’t quit.

Did you ever have a moment where you thought social media wouldn’t work out as a FT career, or…did you always have a sense that something would come out of it?

Of course! I didn’t know it could even be a paying job until 2 years in. I made videos and social media content because I truly loved the process & was never initially in the game for money.

When did you really start to feel like your page was picking up? Was it gradual or did you gain a huge chunk of followers unexpectedly?! I think once a few of my meal prep videos got over a million views I really realized how big of an audience I could expose my content to, and that got me super excited. My audience growth has been super slow & steady over the years, each year Ive gained about 100K subscribers pretty consistently. Slow, steady, and consistent has always been the plan for me.

How do you get energy on the days you’d rather eat a snack / hibernate on the couch and skip posting?

Haha! This happens more than you would think! Pre planning my videos has been key for me. So Ill take a full day Monday and film 2-3 videos so Im able to post later in the week regardless of if Im tired, low energy, etc. Time management is key!

What advice do you have for young girls who are overwhelmed by all of the competition on social media today( it can be intimidating for girls who are just starting out)?

Remember you always have something unique to offer, and a specific journey thats unique to your life to share with the world. There is truly room for everyone to succeed. 

We see the bright side where you are so positive and make your hustle look like a piece of cake but there’s always a journey to get there. I just saw an article recently where Marlena Stell from Makeup Geek explained how she begged labs for years to make one eyeshadow for her and drove 6 hours with her Mom only to get to a lab that was incredibly rude to her and she was drained..ready to give up. I thought wow, nobody hears the full story at all and just sees this big glitzy makeup company. What’s been your biggest struggle or obstacle while trying to achieve your goals?

So true! I love how open Marlena is, I love her! I would say my biggest struggle has been managing my son full time, Youtube, Ebooks & my academy courses. Just planning my time in advance and staying organized has been KEY!

Staying focused as a Mom can be hard when you have so much to juggle. For me, I’m notorious for creating a new “to do” list every day that I never fully finish. What does your typical day look like? I imagine you being super organized and on a consistent schedule (major area I struggle with…frazzled, not a morning person, overweight, grumpy = me lol)

I relate hahah!! My day consists of taking my little man to school, rushing home to get glam + film a video or two, hop back in the car to grab Christian from school, come home & eat lunch, put him for a nap, edit the video I filmed earlier, he wakes up& we have dinner, go to the park or do a fun activity outside, eat dinner, put little man for a bath & bed, then fall asleep myself!! Full day haha!

I have big plans when I wake up each day to incorporate fitness but by the end of the day I’m starving and that’s usually my excuse (cook dinner first, workout later aaaand…the workout fails to happen). Do you work out every single day or stick to a few specific days each week?!

I personally work out at least 5 days a week, it makes me feel mentally & physically best to start the day with a workout so I like to knock it out early in the AM.

When did you decide to launch an IG master class? Congratulations by the way!!! I truly think sharing knowledge is an empowering twist to all of the traditional tutorials / reviews in rotation online today. I mean, sidenote, how many more contour videos can we possibly see at this point.

Hahaha, thank you!!! Its been in the works for months, and I officially launched in February! Im so grateful to say Ive had so much success with it already. Its been so fun & so fufililling to share my knowledge with fellow female entrepreneurs!!

{The Lighter Side ~ Your Favorites List}


Online store: Hot Miami Styles

Healthy Snack: Carrots & Ranch

Lunch: Caesar Salad extra croutons

Foundation: Milani 2 in 1 

Quote: If you can dream it, you can do it 

Book: What I know for sure by Oprah Winfrey

YouTuber: Nikki B

Restaurant: The Habit

Movie: The Town

Celebrity: JLO

Lip product: Elf Lip Plumper

Amazon purchase: Ardell 206 Lashes

Home workout: YOGA

Stress reliever: Sauna

Health/wellness product: 1st Phorm Megawatt pre workout

Ice cream: Coffee

I had SO much fun doing this interview, don’t forget to check out Jordan’s page. Which YouTuber/social media influencer should I interview next?!?!



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