Top 10 Best Lush Products of ALL TIME!

I’ve used Lush products for years and recently decided to go back to using their items! After testing and trying (and a little bit too much online shopping) I narrowed down my favorite Top 10 items. I’m sure that will change as I discover more of their products. What’s your favorite?! Are there any I’m missing that I should try?!

{1} Cup O’ Coffee

{2} Ocean Salt

{3} Scrubee

{4} Hair Oil Cinnamon Mint Scalp Melt

{5} Spring Wash

{6} Bubble Bar

{7} Jelly Mask – Papaya variety

{8} Toner Tabs

{9} Mangoed Bath Oil Bar

{10} Outback Mate Soap: This is a favorite for the scent, but not for the texture. Maybe there’s something else I need to try to find favorite #10? Let me know! This is one of the best Lush scents. It’s a combination of bold, brighy zesty lemon. But (and I hate to do this) there’s a reason it comes in last. It gets super dry and squeaky clean on your skin (bleh, I hate that feeling ). That’s why I stay away from bar soaps but I figured this might be different because the smell was fantastic. So it’s one of their best smelling items but maybe they can make a version with added moisture?!


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