Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding

My cooking music is usually Jimmy Buffett or Frank Sinatra. Both equally relaxing but Jimmy Buffett makes me think I’m in Florida with a margarita in hand. Colorful Hawaiian shirts and beach vibes. Yes, please. When I saw that a Margaritaville cookbook was launching, it had to be a part of my collection.  Though Pinterest, blogs and recipe sites are at our fingertips, they can tend to get overwhelming. There’s something very peaceful about sitting down with a real cookbook and a cup of coffee. I flipped through the fresh, crisp pages of this book to discover jambalaya, jerk chicken, coconut lime margaritas, and as I marked off pretty much every page to “try”, I landed on the first taste test…Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding. One of the best desserts (or breakfasts, OK it was breakfast for me for two days!). I’ve complained about 10X’s this week that I gained a few pounds and I blame this delicious recipe. I don’t care. It was worth every single calorie. I searched for the strongest vanilla bean ice cream I could find (and I found it!). The warm bread pudding topped with a triple vanilla bean infused ice cream is the only dessert recipe you need to try this week…


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