I’ve tried so many highlighter/bronzer combos over the past few years, but they ALL seem to highlight my pores. So if you look in my makeup vault, you’d definitely say “the last thing you need is another highlighter!” I love the GlamGlow face masks, so I was really hype to find out they were launching their very first makeup product GLOWPOWDER! This is one palette that is 100% necessary for every makeup collection. The colors are buildable, but my favorite part is the texture…completely pore free. It smells like an an orange creamsicle and comes packed in this cute pink packaging that gives off a Jeffree Starr-esque vibe.


(L to R) = a pearly glow, nude rose gold glow and a subtle bronze, metallic glow. Although it looks white in the pan, when applied the pearly color gives off a pink shimmer. Their signature formula works to diffuse light and blur imperfections (adios pores). I’m so ready to see what makeup products they’ll come up with next?! Hoping for a nice eyeshadow palette! I use this every single day, it’s the perfect palette for me because it’s subtle. I can’t pull off the majority of highlighters that exist because they make me look sweaty lol makeup application is not exactly my forte so the product needs to be on point. I use the pearly glow on my eyes and skip eyeshadow altogether. Multi-use for the win! It makes me appear well-rested and glowy when I’m chugging cups of coffee just to stay awake…makeup goals accomplished!



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