Caroline’s Cakes ~ Strawberry Cake

Scrolling through a previous issue of Oprah’s Favorite Things, I discovered this stunning caramel layer cake from Caroline’s Cakes. Through a further browse of their selections, I saw a strawberry cake that caught my attention. With strawberry coulis layers. Fresh strawberries are folded into their buttercream to ice this cake. It’s right out of the strawberry patch. Savoring just one more ounce of summer, strawberry cake is the perfect way to celebrate. The cake comes frozen in a sturdy keepsake tin box.

I left it in the fridge, sat it out while I cooked dinner 2 hours and it reached the perfect consistency. I had it after dinner, I had it after yoga for breakfast alongside coffee and made every family member taste test it just to make sure it was a 10/10.

After much quality control testing, I’ve come to the conclusion that is in fact divinely delicious.

Is there anything better than slaving over a dinner for a big group than not having to bake?! I used their help when I made a big dinner and as much as I do love baking, I’d rather spend the time cooking (and honestly, I’m not the best in the baker category).


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