Zandra Beauty – Coconut Oil Skincare

I’m declaring this Zandra Beauty balm my essential purse item for good reason. I’ve used it on the beach, on the daily and for unexpected emergencies. On a recent dinner, my child started to get really bored and whiney. I took her outside to get some fresh air, pointed to a bench and explained to “sit down and chill for a moment until you’re ready to go back inside, take a seat”. Immediately upon moving close to the bench, I heard the most terrifying piercing scream. A huge swarm of yellow jackets flew from outside of the bench. I grabbed my child so quickly we both nearly fell. I rushed her to sit down and checked every inch for stings. A big sting to the arm and leg. Phew. Honestly I had no idea what to do, did I ice it, take her to the ER, did I Google and start to make myself panic that a sudden allergic reaction would develop from the rare sting of a mass quantity of ferocious yellow jackets? I do the panicking thing very well. I iced the stings and they started to go down. Than I remembered…I had a coconut oil balm in my purse! I applied it immediately and the redness disappeared. Besides being a tried and true product for situations like this, a lip balm, a cuticle balm etc…the Kumquat variety is a beautiful, bold citrus scent.

I love a good body balm and leave-in hair conditioner, this Soufflé combines both successfully. My hair is damaged beyond belief, in addition to taking Halo vitamins (on and off so I can technically can’t do a qualified review on those just yet), I use a leave in product and a silk hair wrap at night. I grab a quarter-sized amount of the Soufflé, rub it so it “melts” than work it into the ends. It’s light enough on my hair that I can just scrunch the next day, add a little dry shampoo to the roots and go. I love the texture of the soufflé, it’s unlike any other body/hair butter I’ve tried. Oh and BTW, did I mention that the CEO of Zandra Beauty is ONLY 18 and heavily involved in empowerment for girls – 10% of each purchase made goes to support education for girls around the globe through Girls Education Collaborative and they sponsor a Day of the Girl Event providing help with business basics, bullying, mental health, making healthy food choices and much more!


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