Fancy Food Show Favorites {2018}

I truly look forward to the Fancy Food Show in NYC each year. It is quite possibly the best food event all year, showcasing new product launches, trends and even spotting editors of Food & Wine, Sara Moulton, executive producers from Oprah and Food Network stars, it is THE go to event for the food industry. It’s really hard to pull favorites out of thousands of items, but here are some stars that stood out this year:

Garden Granola::: “Juiced” granola with pineapple, beetroot, ginger, apple & lemon. Granola is the best post-yoga fuel and this Sofi Award winner is the most unique blend on the market, putting grocery shelf granola to shame – it’s packed with gluten free oats, cranberries, peeled ginger, coconut chips and cold-pressed apple juice.

Bee & You Propolis Honey Chocolate Spread::: This was the first item I tried at my first Fancy Food Show visit. I love the flavor + health benefits. I enjoy it stirred into chamomile tea at night as part of my practice to incorporate more immune boosting foods into my nightly routine. I use the hazelnut version spread thickly onto a thin, toasted until crisp piece of Italian bread and topped with fresh berries. On a recent grocery store trip, my cashier accidentally tossed my one treat (one that I debated and gave into as a reward for eating healthy all day) thinking it was empty – a vanilla custard chocolate frosted doughnut. I was devastated. And half debated going back there to buy and eat several just from agitation. Don’t mess with my sweet tooth. Instead, I prepared my Bee & You toast and the sweet tooth subsided. I felt healthier, I didn’t feel like I counteracted my great yoga session and cardio achievements of the day, and I’m reaping all the health benefits.

Lolea Sangria::: Bold and fruity with a pop of sparkle, the Spanish sangria from Lolea reminds me of a beautiful, sunny beach. The perfect summertime refreshment poolside. I tasted notes of lemon, cherries and orange. Very sweet, this pairs well with a delicious, savory cheese and crispbread plate.

Rind Snacks::: These are not your standard boring dried fruits. Including the rind adds more fiber and vitamins. This replaces my drawer stash of sour patch kids, the kiwi is a healthier mouth puckering alternative to satisfy the sweet tooth and gain some energy.

The Maine Crisp Co::: This is the perfect addition to a cheese plate to go alongside the Lolea sangria. My favorites are the Blueberry and the Cranberry, the addition of Herbs de Provence turn it into a sweet/savory combo.

Aloe Gloe Water::: Aloe water without the pulp. I’m not a fan of plain water, only sparkling or flavored and this is the best aloe variety I’ve tried. No gel pulp texture and just the right amount of sweetness. I drank this everyday for 14 days before yoga, time to restock.

Vivra Bar::: This is not your ordinary chocolate bar. Picture a rich, thick dark chocolate shell with cherries, coconut, almonds, walnuts, pepitas, apricots and crisp rice. The individual box makes you feel like you’re unwrapping a fine piece of customized jewelry, but instead it’s much better…a delicious and uniquely crafted chocolate bar. I might be indulging in one now as I type.

Firehook Baked Crackers::: I love paper thin, crunchy crackers and flatbreads. With unique flavors that incorporate tahini paste, the Hummus variety is the perfect addition to your appetizer plate. The Spicy Mediterranean packs a crunchy kick making it a great snack on its own.


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