Hot Yoga at Home?! Crystal Jade Heated Mat

My absolute favorite “health and wellness” item of all time is a heated mat. Besides the fact that the benefits are endless, I have used this item MORE than any other product. I remember the very first time I used this, I was sick with a stomach virus. I was in so much pain (achy, painful bones) I couldn’t sit still. I flipped on this mat, a comedy special (Dave Chapelle’s Netflix special if we’re getting specific) and it was the only thing that helped. This wasn’t my intended use, but it turned out to be a savior. Ever since then, my mat and I have had a special bond. Homemade chicken soup and this mat will get you through the cold and flu season this year. It is so comforting, and I tell everyone about it at the mention of feeling tired / achey / seasonal depression, etc. I get a lot of crazy looks, “so it’s just like a heating pad?” What?! Jade has been recognized across the globe for nearly 6,000 years. People in the British Isles, indigenous tribes of Mexico, Central and South America, and New Zealand carved it into masks and ritual artifacts, even cast it into wells as an offering to the water spirits for fresh and plentiful water. An endless variety of gems, vessels, incense burners, beads, burial items and statues have been carved from Jade, as well as musical instruments and pendants inscribed with poetry. Jade is most valued for its metaphysical properties. It is the ultimate “Dream Stone,” revered in ancient cultures, as well as today, to access the spiritual world, gain insight into ritualistic knowledge, encourage creativity, and dream solve. It is cherished as protective, offering long life and strong mind, and is considered a powerful stone, an amulet of good luck, love and friendship. Jade mats create comfortable warmth to relax muscles, relieve stress and maintain normal joints for flexibility. Because the stones provide a cozy, comfortable feeling, they are excellent for recuperation from chills.

I was initially curious about this product because I do hot yoga. It’s nearly impossible to create an in home hot yoga studio, not to mention time consuming to get to the correct temperature, purchase parts, etc. This mat was the next best thing, so I can skip a few weeks in class but practice at home. The crystals help to balance out your energy and detox/cleanse. I feel very balanced after each session, but I try to avoid using it at night because I fall asleep on it. The purple color + the crystals are aesthetically pleasing and relaxing. For a great yoga session, I use a magnesium salt spray with lavender (on yourself, not the mat) for some reason it makes me sweat like crazy. I get mine from Seven Minerals on Amazon and speaking of that, I’m ready for my second bottle. I love it but I feel like you really need to sweat to reap the benefits. Warm up in savasana on the mat for about 10 mins (yes, please…just don’t fall asleep). Do the remainder of the workout on a standard mat but any floor poses in between you switch it off onto the jade mat. End in full circle on the mat in savasana. I debated doing a morning routine including this, but the world is not quite ready for my mediocre yoga skills just yet.

When I’m not using this for yoga, I use it to unwind and catch up on Makeup Geek / RHONJ (the only two things I seem to have time to watch these days), a face steamer an oil diffuser with lavender. And an abundance of kombucha/green juice/tea (see above and YT for that haul). Extra? Possibly. But why not practice more self-care? Why do we have to feel like we’re being “extra?” The investment is so minimal in comparison to the benefits. Relaxation. Improved immunity and increased energy.


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