Geneo Personal Skincare Device

I live for a good skinare device. Spa day without actually having to step foot in a salon? Yes, please. My latest little find is the Geneo Personal by Pollogen. It’s been touted a Photoshop for your face- just in real life. Geneo Personal is a sleek little egg-shaped oxygenation device that delivers a complete facial rejuvenation in just a few minutes once a week, although it’s fun to use so I could easily do it nightly. This is meant to “reawaken” your face and get your skin balanced, healthy and vibrant with a simple, effective, lab-proven, made for home, facial oxygenation device. Oxygenation really is as great as beauticians claim. It gives you an amazing glow and super soft skin. The problem is, a lot of companies are exploiting the term and calling other stuff oxygenation when what they’re really doing is basically rubbing air bubbles on your face. This little device uses a process of CO2, which in turn stimulates a release of oxygen from your blood cells up to your skin’s surface. This physiological response is what makes your skin REALLY level up.

Step 1: Apply a layer of the gel pack and don’t rub in. I made the rubbing in mistake on my first attempt.

Step 2: Oxygenation using the capsule to exfoliate with the device. This is my favorite part! The little capsule looks just like a fizzy vitamin or alka-seltzer and it does fizz upon contact with the gel.

Step 3: Nourishment/moisturize with their cream capsule.

My skin was looking like I used a good BB cream + highlighter after this treatment. Adios dull, fall skin. And it made my makeup go on super smooth. It also comes with a scrubby brush so it doubles as a daily face cleansing tool.


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