The Body Shop ~ Christmas Advent Calendar

Body Shop Advent Calendar::: Get into the holiday spirit each day this December with a mini unboxing via The Body Shop. I’ve raved about my love of The Body Shop before (their cucumber skincare line was the first “fancy” skincare I ever used) and I still classify their mango body butter as a staple item. This set has allowed me to test out new items I’ve never tried (hello Coconut Milk, Strawberry Body Wash and Watermelon lip balm!)

My only complaint is that it’s hard to wait each day! I may have skipped ahead a few days so far 🤷🏻‍♀️ revealing the peppermint candy cane wash and camomile eye makeup remover. This whole set has allowed me to revisit the first skincare line I’ve ever tried and swoon over their highly concentrated and high quality new products. Check out my IG stories to follow along with the rest of the goodies each day!


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