Teaonic – Herbal Tea Supplements


I try to avoid bottled iced teas with sugar, they go overboard and I can’t stomach the unnatural level of sweetness. I’m so excited to have discovered these TEAONIC herbal tea supplements! They are packaged in glass bottles and brewed with herbs, roots, leaves, barks, fruits, flowers, and spices, all of which have unique and beneficial properties. Herbal teas have been used as remedies for thousands of years and are an effective and ideal way to help nourish and support our bodies at the cellular level. My adrenals are an area I’m attempting to improve on (thanks weight gain), and they make a tea specifically labeled with adrenal-friendly ingredients.


The Femininity Blend (packed with raspberry leaf) and Skin Blend are two others that really interested me:
I get really bored of drinking plain water, I try to add fruits and lemon when I remember/have time – these would be a great way to stay hydrated without being bored. They carefully select ingredients catered to your health need, taking all the work out of it for you! A lot of these supplements on their own can be very pricy. I felt so good sipping on these and decreasing my caffeine intake (even the biggest of coffee lovers need to give it a break from time to time). I also love that this company was founded by a Mother / daughter team who adopted a diet based on whole foods, eliminated processed foods and allergens, learned stress-reducing techniques and exercise, and went back to their roots, making delicious herbal teas to support the body in a powerful way. Wellness goals!



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