Smart Sweets – #kicksugar

Smart Sweets was founded by a girl after my own heart – Tara Bosch – had a passion for candy that turned into an unhealthy relationship with food. She experienced the negative effects sugar has on our health. After spending months recipe testing in her kitchen with a gummy bear mould from Amazon, she created the first candy you can feel good about. Just looking at the gummy bears in the photo above, makes me want to grab a handful! I love candy, especially gummy bears and sour patch kids, but rolling in at 50+ grams of sugar, it’s a treat I skip. Smart Sweets (I’m eating them right now as I type) are sweetened with Stevia (paleo friendly!). They are my new snack essential when I’m watching a movie.


Here’s the run down… free from sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners. Every ingredient  is non-GMO, always real and never artificial.

  • Plant-based
  • Certified Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Free from Sugar Alcohols
  • Free from Artificial Colors
  • Dairy, Soy & Lactose Free
  • Peanut & Tree Nut Free
  • Naturally Flavored

My favorite so far is the Sour Blast – made with prebiotic soluble fiber from tapioca, lactiv acid, pectin, chicory root fiber, rice flour, fumaric acid, malic acid, citric acid, fruity and vegetable juice (for color), natural fruit flavor, coconut oil, carrageenan, spirulina extract (for color), stevia leaf extract, carnauba wax – all ingredients that stem from natural sources (note…no red 5,6,7, etc whatever listed here!! 🙂 Now if they come out with a line of black and red licorice, an alternative to Dots candy and jelly beans…I’m forever giving up all my old candy (besides chocolate!)


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