Ujido Matcha


I love, love, love matcha tea! Made from crushed tea leaves, it packs a higher pop of caffeine vs. regular tea. It is my essential swap out for coffee AND I love all of the healthy benefits. I sampled this matcha brand from my Expo West haul, it’s made by Ujido! They even do little sample-sized on the go packets you can put in your water bottle (I keep them in my purse). I’ll do an update when I try the roasted variety (above), I’m very curious about the flavor profile, I’ll do an IG story on it soon, so make sure you follow me!

Ujido Matcha Overview:

  • Over 180 years in producing Uji Matcha by enviromental traditional way
  • Grown in an authentic covered tea garden for Highest Nutrition
  • Choice of the Imperial Families and Zen Budhist monks past and present
  • Pleasing Rich creamy taste with slight sweetness
  • High quality control and low bacteria count
  • Tea leaves are 100% genuinely hand picked.
  • Stoneground

I made a delicious matcha latte with almond milk (my favorite way to make it):



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