Caswell Massey – skincare favorites!


Caswell-Massey is the first fragrance and personal care product company in America. Originally, they started as an apothecary shop in Newport, Rhode Island. Today, they are still known as a premiere soap maker, also specializing in fine fragrances and skincare. They are accustomed to importing Lavender distillations for hundreds of years and developed a nose for the very best varieties of the special plant. Part of the Centuries Collection of single-note eau de toilettes, Centuries Lavender is an ingredient-focused fragrance. It opens with bright and complex floral notes that settle into a classic, fresh powder scent on the dry-down. For a dedicated follower of natural lavender, this will bring you back to the garden with a naturally relaxing and calming fragrance you can wear all day. Once it sits on the skin, it turns into a fresh powder scent that is SO calming and NOT a trace of “soapy” like many lavender fragrances.



They recently launched a Yellowstone Forever Collection, featuring Living Floral ingredients from Yellowstone National Park, in partnership with Yellowstone Forever, the official non-profit partner of Yellowstone National Park. Purchase of these products supports Yellowstone Forever’s mission of engagement and support through education and fundraising for the park, to ensure Yellowstone remains an incredible resource for generations to come.

Their Lake Moisturizing Oil can be used with just a few drops as a light oil moisturizer after the shower; as a beard or hair oil; or carry a bottle with you to use on dry hands. Made from a floral fragrance blend with Organic Argan and Jojoba Oils. The Fresh, bright, and beautiful scent is like Mountain sunshine in a bottle: Living Yellowstone Verbena, Solar Flower, and Lavender with a hint of Plant-based Musk. I warm some between my palms and massage into my scalp. I dip the ends of my hair in coconut oil and let both sit overnight for a deep mask treatment. Their products are so elegant and nostalgic of an original American apothecary.


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